3 Starting Points to Twitter Marketing

3-starting-points-to-twitter-marketingThis past Friday in Our Business Fuel Facebook group we hosted a tweetchat to help our small business owners get better acquainted with “tweeting”. Tweetchats are always fun. It’s when the lightbulb starts to come on for many people who up until that point just didn’t “get it” when it came to Twitter. As a social media consultant and trainer, most of the questions I receive about social networks are about Twitter. It’s a unique platform, very different from Facebook, but also an important one. For this reason, business owners and professionals are eager to learn how to get started. So here are 3 posts that you can review one by one to help get your Twitter experience off to the right start!

1. Getting Started On Twitter

2. Uploading Your Twitter Cover Photo

3. How To Be An Effective Tweeter

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3 Ways To Use Twitter For Small Business

3-ways-to-use-twitter-for-small-businessI enjoy Twitter for many reasons. I like that it’s public, meaning that I can connect with basically anyone without knowing them. I don’t need to send a request, we don’t have to have connections in common. I don’t even HAVE to necessarily follow people, I can list them and keep up with their tweets that way. I like it mostly because I find it the forum most easy to engage. I have made more business connections on this network than any other. It’s great for research and news. It’s real time. Simply put, it’s me, I just like it.

I believe there are many ways you can use Twitter for your small business but I’d like to talk to you about 3 specific ones.

1. Promote yourself! Twitter is the perfect forum for sharing your content. Your blog posts, your website, photos and videos. And because of it’s powerful sharing, you can reach a wide audience.

2. Talk to you customers! You can operate customer service right from Twitter. People often ask questions and it’s easy to respond on Twitter. It also allows people to see you exercising great customer service skills.

3. Promote Your Events! Make the promotion of your event viral and shareable by crafting it into a tweet and assigning a specific hashtag to your event. You can easily see what everyone is tweeting about your event. If you have never tried this, you must. It’s really amazing to experience it.

Once you begin using Twitter consistently you will begin to see the power of this social network and how it can be a huge benefit to your social media strategy. Make sure that you tweet with your goals in mind. What is it you’re trying to achieve. Begin with that and it will make your tweeting more effective.

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Twitter Etiquette Techniques For Small Business

twitterOne of the most important factors of Social Media is the likability factor. Besides providing consistent, valuable content, it’s important for people to like you. Show your personality. Be interesting. Remarkable. One of the keys to doing this is by being polite. Social Media manners are crucial. This goes across every platform. There are certain basic techniques you should be practicing on Twitter that show good etiquette, politeness and excellent social media manners are it relates to this unique platform.

The Tweet:

Make your 140 characters count, BUT, find a way to say what you have to say creatively and succinctly. Make it so that people can retweet it and add a few words when they do.


It’s fine to schedule tweets. The verdict is still out on automatic DM’s. Most either love them or hate them. Knowing that, if you choose to have an automatic direct message when people follow you. Craft it in a personable, sincere way. Don’t make it scream,I’m trying to sell you something.

Writing Counts.

Be mindful of your spelling and grammar. You will be judged. Take the time to thoughtfully write your tweet and present it with good writing. It’s important and it’s worth the effort.

Be thankful with a purpose.

It’s polite to thank people for retweets and you should do it. But do it with a purpose. Namely, engagement and building relationships. Say thank you and use this as an opportunity to start a conversation. Don’t just fill up your followers timelines with saying thanks for the retweet. Thank them and ask them about their day, comment on something they tweeted, or mention a common interest to start a conversation.

Don’t Be Pushy.

Focus on sharing consistent, valuable information and engaging with your followers. Don’t send individual tweets to a long list of followers pointing them to your latest product. Social is sharing, not selling.

What other Twitter etiquette tips come to mind for you? Please share them in the comment section below. Let’s discuss!