3 Useful Social Media Tips

useful-social-media-tipsClient meetings are great reminders of social media tips. The great thing about working with clients who are just learning about social media marketing is that they ask great questions and it’s always kind of like a refresher course for me to answer the questions. Sometimes the questions are routine, sometimes they are questions I haven’t come across in a while. Recently while working with a new client I was reminded of some of the things that people new to social media marketing aren’t aware of simply because it’s new for them and they’re just starting out. I thought I would share these social media tips with you as good reminders for some and as good information for others.

Don’t assume that because people aren’t commenting, they aren’t paying attention.

One of my new clients is someone I know offline but who does follow me online. What I found interesting was that in the course of our conversation my client asked me about something specific I mentioned in a social media blog post. That kinda threw me. This particular client has rarely commented on anything I post on social media. But when I thought about it, there are often times when I have online chats, or offline chats and someone may reference something I posted online. Or they may make a statement about me based on things that I post online. There are several lessons to be learned here. Tips within the tip if you will:

1. Don’t be discouraged when you don’t get a certain number of comments or likes right away. It doesn’t necessarily mean people aren’t paying attention to what you post. If they don’t comment but you’ve caught their interest and they contacted you and a business relationship begins, you have still accomplished the ultimate goal.

2. Be mindful of what you post online. People will make conclusions about you, your brand, what you and your brand represent and will make decisions based on that information.

3. People are paying attention more than you think!


I spoke with someone recently who thought it was just enough to post great relevant content and people should show up. Well, while that’s partially true, because you MUST have great content, you always have to let people know you’re there. Invite people to your page. Send personal messages. Announce your new page in an email. Put links to your site in your email addresses, business cards, etc;. By all means advertise your page! Just make sure that when they get there, they’ll like what they see and that means great content.

Do unto others…

Sometimes, people are so focused on their message, their content, their brand, they forget that they should also be seeking out people to follow, commenting on other’s posts, links, statuses, retweeting, etc;. If you want to make friends, you have to be a friend. Start conversations. Compliment someone online about their blog post, or graphic, etc;. Genuinely. This is how great relationships start :)

8 Ways To Build Relationships Online

ways-to-build-relationships-onlineWhen I evaluate a person’s social media presence who is expressing frustration about not getting results it is usually pretty clear they don’t get what it’s about. They think it’s about their product. They think it’s about promoting their company. It’s not. It’s about relationships. It’s about making friends. Being a friend. Listening and sharing. It’s not about selling. Nobody likes to be sold to. You don’t go to social events and start a conversation by pitching your product. People like to do business with people they like. Friends. The way to get there is to build a relationship. It doesn’t happen instantly. It takes time. Here are some way to do that on social media:

1) Share: Your expertise, tips, useful information that your audience finds valuable and solves problems for them.

2) Ask Questions. It’s the best way to start a conversation, which is how relationships are build.

3) Blog. Build a community by blogging about what you know best.

4) Say Thank you. Thank those who share your posts, tweets and status updates.

5) Initiate Conversations. Find people online to talk to. Don’t just let people come to you. Be the initiator.

6) Write Personal Notes. Send someone an inbox message with a genuine message of thanks or inquiry.

7) Retweet. People noticed people who retweet them.

8) Comment on Blogs. Another great way to start a conversation. People appreciate that you took the time.

Keep in mind that relationship building online takes time, just as it does offline. Make the time to spend online building your community by building relationships and starting those important conversations. Be social! :)