Social Media Day With Social Solutions Collective

social-media-day-with-social-solutions-collectiveIf you are looking to learn some new things about social media marketing, participate in some fun social media activities that will give you an opportunity to experience various social media platforms and even make some new connections, then I invite you to join the Social Solutions Collective on the 4th annual Social Media Day, Sunday June 30, 2013.

Our theme for Social Media Day is “Common Sense & Social Business”. All month we have been sharing some “common sense” blog posts and social media posts from various members of the collective to go along with our theme for the big day.

Here are a few of the events we have planned:

Tweetchats: We’ve set up 9 different breakout discussions which we’ll be running as Tweetchats. Topics included:
– Common Sense SEO
– Leadership Best Practices For Social Business
– Common Sense & Best Practices for Multi-Author Sites
…and more!!

Google+ Hangout: Myself along with fellow SSC member Carrie Keenan and special guests including a special guest from Google are hosting a hangout at 4 PM (EST) where we will focus on Common Sense: Stop Ignoring Google+ Marketing. I hope you can hangout with us!

SuperConnected Sunday: We’re letting you share your social media pages – with NO limits. You will be able to share all of your pages, all of your clients pages and more. Our superconnected events will be on Facebook and Google+ as well!

Pinterest Participation Contests: We will be running two different Pinterest contests, which will require your participation. Stay tuned for more details!

Multi-Prize Facebook Fiesta: We will be running a day-long Facebook contest with a variety of prizes, big and small, for a variety of winners. What are some of the prizes? Well: gift-cards, social media books, FUN jewelry and a few amazing service packages.

Online Scavenger Hunt: YES… we will be sending you across the Internet for clues, leads, leading up to some special items.

The hashtag for the event as well as for the tweetchat session is #SMDwithSSC.

Please join us for this fun event!

8 Ways To Build Relationships Online

ways-to-build-relationships-onlineWhen I evaluate a person’s social media presence who is expressing frustration about not getting results it is usually pretty clear they don’t get what it’s about. They think it’s about their product. They think it’s about promoting their company. It’s not. It’s about relationships. It’s about making friends. Being a friend. Listening and sharing. It’s not about selling. Nobody likes to be sold to. You don’t go to social events and start a conversation by pitching your product. People like to do business with people they like. Friends. The way to get there is to build a relationship. It doesn’t happen instantly. It takes time. Here are some way to do that on social media:

1) Share: Your expertise, tips, useful information that your audience finds valuable and solves problems for them.

2) Ask Questions. It’s the best way to start a conversation, which is how relationships are build.

3) Blog. Build a community by blogging about what you know best.

4) Say Thank you. Thank those who share your posts, tweets and status updates.

5) Initiate Conversations. Find people online to talk to. Don’t just let people come to you. Be the initiator.

6) Write Personal Notes. Send someone an inbox message with a genuine message of thanks or inquiry.

7) Retweet. People noticed people who retweet them.

8) Comment on Blogs. Another great way to start a conversation. People appreciate that you took the time.

Keep in mind that relationship building online takes time, just as it does offline. Make the time to spend online building your community by building relationships and starting those important conversations. Be social! :)

How To Creatively Use Instagram For Business

how-to-creatively-use-instagram-for-businessInstagram turned 2 years old this weekend. It’s only 2, yet it can boast these stats: 100 million registered users and 5 billion photos uploaded. WOW. A picture is worth a thousand words, the old saying goes. It also has it’s value in social media as photos generate more engagement than anything else. That makes Instagram a pretty smart tool to use to showcase your business.

There are some great ways of doing this but let’s talk about some Instagram Etiquette first.

It is still a social networking site, so the same rules apply. Don’t try to sell. Share. Let your pictures tell a story not be an advertisement.

Don’t overpost. You don’t want to be that person who clogs up someone’s feed with their posts. No matter how interesting it is, you can still overdo it.

Make sure your images are beautiful and eye catching. That’s the whole idea. Beautiful imagery. So pick photos that are very nice to look at.

Don’t go crazy with hashtags. USE them, for sure, because it’s smart to do. But don’t overuse them. Just because you can use 20 hashtags, doesn’t mean you should. It just looks bad and it looks like spam. Who wants to look like spam?

With that said, here are some great ways to get creative on this fun social network!

1. Give us a HOW TO photo display. Show us how you make a product at your business. A step by step process from start to end. Make it interesting.

2. Take event photos. Are you going to a special event, show or conference? Take some shots of what’s going on at the event. Give us a glimpse into your experience.

3. Introduce us! Let us meet some of the people who work at your company. This is another element of social media. Taking away the “entity” of the business and showing us that you are people too!

4. Do you have a product that is launching in the near future? Why not build up excitement by giving us some preview shots of what’s to come.

5. Take us backstage. Do you put on a production or show? Showcase it! Maybe you are getting ready to appear in an interview or you’re doing a photo shoot. Let’s see some shots of you or your team getting ready.

Instagram is fun and simple. Keep it fun and simple. Users are attracted to the creativity and beauty of the images. Stay consistent with that appeal and you’re on the right track!

What do you think of Instagram? I’d love to get your opinion.

3 Ways To Use Twitter For Small Business

3-ways-to-use-twitter-for-small-businessI enjoy Twitter for many reasons. I like that it’s public, meaning that I can connect with basically anyone without knowing them. I don’t need to send a request, we don’t have to have connections in common. I don’t even HAVE to necessarily follow people, I can list them and keep up with their tweets that way. I like it mostly because I find it the forum most easy to engage. I have made more business connections on this network than any other. It’s great for research and news. It’s real time. Simply put, it’s me, I just like it.

I believe there are many ways you can use Twitter for your small business but I’d like to talk to you about 3 specific ones.

1. Promote yourself! Twitter is the perfect forum for sharing your content. Your blog posts, your website, photos and videos. And because of it’s powerful sharing, you can reach a wide audience.

2. Talk to you customers! You can operate customer service right from Twitter. People often ask questions and it’s easy to respond on Twitter. It also allows people to see you exercising great customer service skills.

3. Promote Your Events! Make the promotion of your event viral and shareable by crafting it into a tweet and assigning a specific hashtag to your event. You can easily see what everyone is tweeting about your event. If you have never tried this, you must. It’s really amazing to experience it.

Once you begin using Twitter consistently you will begin to see the power of this social network and how it can be a huge benefit to your social media strategy. Make sure that you tweet with your goals in mind. What is it you’re trying to achieve. Begin with that and it will make your tweeting more effective.

How does your business use Twitter? Please share in the comments below.