Keys To Facebook Marketing Strategy Success

keys-to-facebook-marketing-strategy-successPerhaps the #1 question that my audience asks me is how to get more Facebook likes, comments, and overall engagement. We all wish it was as easy as setting up a page to get people to notice us on Facebook, but like everything else worthwhile, it takes time and effort. Recently I wrote an article about easy ways to get more Facebook likes. This was mainly focused on being sure that your page is easily accessible. Today I want to focus on your marketing strategy. Continue reading

4 Simple Ways To Get More Facebook Comments

Building an online community requires building relationships. Building relationships requires engagement. How do you get your fans to engage? How do you get them talking. You need comments. What are some simple ways to get comments? Here are a few………


Try asking a simple yes or no question. Your audience can give you quick feedback and it can spark a conversation.

Example: “Yes or No… Are you on Instagram?”


My favorite vacation destination is___________________.

This is great way to get your followers to engage quickly and easily. This works particularly well when you’re asking them something about themselves. Show some interest in your followers.


You can survey your audience and get valuable information in a simple easy way that’s very convenient for followers to participate. Set up in a multiple choice type format it gives them a few choices and there’s no wrong answer! :) It also allows your followers to see what other people’s answers are.

4) ASK

Example: Can you see yourself here? Evoke some emotion, fun and excitement. Share an interesting photo and ask a question about it.


Sandals Negril

What are ways that you use to get your followers talking? Share in the comments below.

How To Use Facebook Apps To Generate Leads and Sales

In this week’s edition of “Friday Fuel“, we discuss Facebook Apps and how you can use them to your advantage. Facebook apps, which were once known as tabs are a great tool to drive your Facebook visitors to action in a convenient way.

Once a person has “liked” your page, what is it that you want them to do next? First you want to consider a balance of GIVE and GET: what you can GIVE to your market, and what you may be able to GET from your market.

This video will show you a few examples of what you can GIVE, what you might expect to GET and 3 tools that you can use to set up your Facebook apps.

Tools To Save You Time With Social Media Posting

With the buzz about Facebook’s Graph Search, I have been preparing my online community to take advantage of the possibilities that this new feature has to offer. We have discussed in our Business Fuel Group ways to optimize your Page for Graph Search and simple ways to increase your page likes so that you further your connections, which will be beneficial for graph search

Another point we have discussed is being active. Actively posting to your page and engaging with your audience. This brought up questions about saving time with posting. Some people have asked about posting simultaneously to both your page and profile. While I understand why some would want to do this, I don’t recommend it. Your page is for business and your profile is more personal. While it is certainly okay to share about your business on your profile since your business is certainly an important aspect of your life, you don’t want to share everything there that you share on your page. Encourage your friends that you are connected with to get your updates from your business on your Business page. If you share too much about your business on your profile, people will likely begin to tune you out. Ultimately, people use social networks to socialize, not to be sold to. So give them the choice, to see your business updates and make them want to by sharing valuable, interesting, useful content.

A great way to save time with your content so you have more time to engage is by planning and scheduling your posts ahead of time. You should be planning ahead month to month, the things you want to share with your audience. You can save time by scheduling that content to post to your various social networks at various times. Remember, with Facebook, most people are interacting with you through their newsfeed. They aren’t directly going to your page to see your updates. So in order for your audience not to forget about you, you must stay active.

Since most of us can’t and don’t want to spend all day in front of the computer, there are tools that you can use to schedule posts. Here are my favorites:

1. Buffer App:

Buffer app allows you to choose times to post to your networks. Simply add the content and schedule them to post on whichever network you choose. My business partner and I put together a “Friday Fuel” update specifically on Bufferapp. You can view it here.

2. Hootsuite:

Hootsuite is a web and mobile social media dashboard that helps you schedule messages as well as monitor conversations and track your results. You can get reports to see what is working best and what your audience is responding to best.

Another time saver to note is adding bookmarklets and browser extensions. When I come across articles that I want to share with my audience, I can easily add them to my content schedule by using the bufferapp or hootlet extensions.

Here is a great video that Tiffany Lymon and I created to show you how bookmarklets work: