Keys To Facebook Marketing Strategy Success


Perhaps the #1 question that my audience asks me is how to get more Facebook likes, comments, and overall engagement. We all wish it was as easy as setting up a page to get people to notice us on Facebook, but like everything else worthwhile, it takes time and effort. Recently I wrote an article about easy ways to get more Facebook likes. This was mainly focused on being sure that your page is easily accessible. Today I want to … Continue reading

4 Simple Ways To Get More Facebook Comments

Building an online community requires building relationships. Building relationships requires engagement. How do you get your fans to engage? How do you get them talking. You need comments. What are some simple ways to get comments? Here are a few……… 1) YES OR NO Try asking a simple yes or no question. Your audience can give you quick feedback and it can spark a conversation. Example: “Yes or No… Are you on Instagram?” 2) FILL IN THE BLANK My favorite … Continue reading

How To Use Facebook Apps To Generate Leads and Sales

In this week’s edition of “Friday Fuel“, we discuss Facebook Apps and how you can use them to your advantage. Facebook apps, which were once known as tabs are a great tool to drive your Facebook visitors to action in a convenient way. Once a person has “liked” your page, what is it that you want them to do next? First you want to consider a balance of GIVE and GET: what you can GIVE to your market, and what … Continue reading

Tools To Save You Time With Social Media Posting

With the buzz about Facebook’s Graph Search, I have been preparing my online community to take advantage of the possibilities that this new feature has to offer. We have discussed in our Business Fuel Group ways to optimize your Page for Graph Search and simple ways to increase your page likes so that you further your connections, which will be beneficial for graph search results. Another point we have discussed is being active. Actively posting to your page and engaging … Continue reading

7 Easy Ways To Increase Page Likes

I am often asked by social media newbies and not so newbies if there are some simple techniques to apply when building their Facebook Fan pages. Once you have customized your fan page with your cover photo, tabs, profile picture and customized URL, there are a few simple things you can do to help drive traffic to your fan page. ADD YOUR FACEBOOK URL TO YOUR EMAIL SIGNATURE You can set up your default email signature with a link to … Continue reading

How To Link Your Facebook Page From Your Profile

You ever see someone’s facebook page listed as their “job” on their profile and wonder how they did it? It’s a very simple way to drive people to your Fan page and ultimately “like” your page yet often I see people neglect this prime opportunity. Here’s how to do it step by step: 1. Go to your profile page. Directly beneath your cover photo and profile image, click the “About” link. This will open your “about section”. 2. Under the … Continue reading

How To Get Your Business Page Ready For Graph Search

Recently Facebook announced an exciting new feature called Graph Search. In a previous post I talked about how beneficial it would be for businesses. Today I want to emphasis that further as well as give you a few tips on how to get your page ready for this great new feature. Graph Search will greatly benefit the brick and mortar business: (Coffee shop, retail, studio, etc.) It will make having an active presence on Facebook non-negotiable. Think of it this … Continue reading

Beneficial To Your Business: Facebook’s Newest Feature Graph Search

After the much anticipated “BIG” Facebook announcement today we now know what they have planned. It’s called “Graph Search“. From Facebook: “Today we’re starting a limited beta release of Graph Search, enabling people to find information through the filter of their friends. The limited beta of Graph Search is available only to people who use Facebook in US English. The rollout will be gradual, starting with a very small number of users.” With Graph Search, people can search the social … Continue reading