How To Set Achievable Social Media Goals in 2013

As business owners we like to set goals for the new year to help us achieve success. It’s important to be specific about those goals that you are trying to achieve for each aspect of your business. This includes your social media marketing. In this recent segment of Friday Fuel, we would like to show you how to set measurable goals and teach you how to measure those goals to help you achieve success. Check out our video below. We … Continue reading

Establishing Your Brand Identity

There are often times when entrepreneurs will ask me questions about branding. They want to make sure they are clear on what constitutes their brand, their brand identity, etc;. They want to make sure they’re doing it right. So let’s make sure we understand the terms. Your brand is more than just your logo, your website design, the colors associated with your brand. Your “Brand” is also the personality that identifies a product, service or business and how it relates … Continue reading

Social Media Marketing Benefits

There are many benefits of Social Media Marketing. It’s no longer a trend or an option. It’s the way business is done today. Often when I am interested in a company or researching a product, I immediately look for their online presence for information. I also like to see how they are interacting online. The truth is, you want to be where your customers or clients are. And guess what? They’re on social media. So you want to be easily … Continue reading

Social Media Beginners Checklist

Social Media Marketing is a force that simply cannot be ignored and an absolute must as a part of a business marketing plan. Often times people will search for social site’s of a brand to get more information about that company’s products or services, or to see what people are saying about them. This makes your online presence absolutely necessary. But social media can also be overwhelming. With all that you have to do to run your business, it seems … Continue reading

Content Marketing Strategy In 5 Steps

What is Content Marketing? In short, instead of pitching your products or services, you are delivering information that makes your buyer more intelligent, and more informed. “The essence of this content strategy is the belief that if we, as businesses, deliver consistent, ongoing valuable information to buyers, they ultimately reward us with their business and loyalty.” CMI In social media marketing, content fits the context of the given social platform: short messages of 140 characters for Twitter; contests for Facebook, … Continue reading

Beneficial To Your Business: Facebook’s Newest Feature Graph Search

After the much anticipated “BIG” Facebook announcement today we now know what they have planned. It’s called “Graph Search“. From Facebook: “Today we’re starting a limited beta release of Graph Search, enabling people to find information through the filter of their friends. The limited beta of Graph Search is available only to people who use Facebook in US English. The rollout will be gradual, starting with a very small number of users.” With Graph Search, people can search the social … Continue reading

Content Marketing At A Glance

This week in our Facebook Community Business Fuel, we have been discussing Content Marketing. Content Marketing is brands telling their stories in the effort to attract customers. If you’re not exactly sure what that is and how it works, or want a little more information about it, here is our latest “Friday Fuel” resource: Content Marketing At A Glance, an infographic to help you understand why it’s important and the types of Content Marketing to create. Enjoy! We would love … Continue reading

10 Ways To Market Your Business On Pinterest

If Great Content is King, I believe images are QUEEN! That’s the beauty of Pinterest. An image driven social media site where you “pin” all kinds of things to share with your audience. Sharing drives this site. Repins are easy to do and people are eager to share. 80% of Pinterest pins are repins according to Buzz Referral. It also states that Pinterest is the 3rd most popular social networking site for hits per week. The key is to find … Continue reading

How To Create A Memorable Brand

One of the great advantages of online marketing is reinforcing your brand. Your brand should be memorable. It should tell who you are. What emotions does your brand evoke? Are you someone people want to do business with? Make sure you are presenting a clear, strong, consistent story about your brand. Reinforce your brand with a few techniques. Brand YOU: Insert your name. My Coach does it well on her Facebook page, Social Media Branding With Kim Garst. You can … Continue reading