Sleeping Needs for Your Toddler While Travelling

It is enjoyable to travel as a family at whatever age our children are at, we don’t have to wait till they are all grown so we can have a road trip or fly for holiday or delay that family get together.  We do life together with them as young as they areno matter what.  Though enjoyable, it doesn’t come with its pros andcons travelling as it involves a lot of pre-planning and packing to ensure you don’t leave anything behind.

The truth is no matter how hectic it is, we cannot keep them holed up in the house for all their baby life.  We only need to come round it and know how to keep them jolly and comfortable all through the travel.  One thing that is majorly important is their sleep, a well-rested child is happy and healthy and in turn everybody is happy.Sleeping Needs for Your Toddler While Travelling

Putting your toddler to sleep enroute

Whether you travel during the day or night, your toddler is likely to fall asleep, it seems like travelling soothes them to sleep.  You will need to bring a travel cot to ensure they sleep comfortably and un-interrupted.  Toddlers are different and they behave differently to change of environment, while some will easily be calm and fall asleep easy, others will be anxious and tend to cry a lot as they fall asleep.  It is important to prepare for anything especially if you are travelling for the very first time with them.  Bringing one of their favorite bed time toys or blanket or reading them a story would help calm them down.

Ensure you pack well in advance and using a checklist so you are sure you won’t forget anything.  Some toddlers are not good sleepers once their environment changes, they will have difficulty adapting and sleeping.  This can cause anxiety to both the parents and the child leading to lack of sleep to both.  You are advised to make sure you feed your toddler well with a balanced diet and keep them warm maybe you can hold them close to you if they are too anxious.

Choosing the right baby travel cot

It is very important to choose a travel cot that fits within your budget, comfortable to your child and is close to what they use at home for familiarity purposes.  If you purchase your travel cot a few days before you travel, have the child use it maybe during the day sleep to allow them have a feel of it and watch their response.  The market is presenting us with an overwhelming choice of travel cots to choose from and its best to know what exactly we are looking for before we hit the market.  They come in many types today ranging from inflatable cots, folding cots, popup travel cots, bassinette travel cot etc.  The choice is yours but remember you are choosing it for your little one, let them not see much difference from what they are used to at home.

Important things to consider:

  • Age related –Different models can only accommodate a certain age bracket. For example bassinette travel cotsare designed for newborns upto 4 months.  This is because they are small in size and cannot fit bigger babies.
  • Weight – with your luggage all packed up, the least you want is any added weight all in the name of a toddler travel cot. It is wise to buy light cots and if possible foldable to be able to easily pack them into your bags or car.  A popup travel cot is lightweight weighs around three kilos.  It comes in a foldable frame that is firm and padded with four mesh sides that allows free air circulation when the child is sleeping.  Inflatable mattress cots are even lighter and many have chosen them to be their children’s travel partners.  There are variable foldable lightweight options in the market to choose from, chose what pleases you and what fits your child’s needs.  Much as we consider the weight, think of the size too, consider a size that easily fits to allow easy movement.
  • Stability – this is very important when it comes to toddlers cots especially for the foldable cots, inflatable mattresses. They must be stable enough to hold your child’s weight and allow them to sleep comfortably without shaking.
  • Ease of assembling – It is one thing to buy a foldable and it’s another to be able to easily and quickly assemble it a ready cot. If it is complicated with lots of screwing work to assemble clearly you won’t be able to do it while you are travelling, worse still you might lose the screws while working and end up in a bigger mess.  Ensure you get one that is easily put together and dismantled at the same time to allow easy movement.
  • Mattress – A cot is made more comfortable by the mattress. If the cot doesn’t come with a mattress, shop for a mattress that fits perfectly on the cot and that provides a comfortable surface for the baby to enjoy sleeping on.
  • Cost – We can shop all we want but we must ensure it fits within our budget, that’s why it is important to shop early before we travel to allow us time to go through different brands at different prices before we can settle on that which is pocket friendly.

It is our task to find out more information about a particular brand before we can really invest in it.  Getting enlightened about the pros and cons about the product is key to finding good value for your money.  With the right toddler travel cot and a lot of love your child will be well rested and therefore minimal or no fuss will be experienced.  If the travel involves older children the whole family will enjoy traveling with the little one.

Invest in yourself physically and emotionally by taking a rest before you travel to allow time for your body and your mind to rest.  Inform your family members well in advance about the travel so you can allow then enough time to pack and rest before the travel too.  Older children need time ample time to pack and inspection of what they have packed.  Do this well in advance to allow changes or additions.

Time Saving Content Creation Tips

time-saving-content-creation-tipsAs business owners, our time is very valuable. It is important that we manage our time wisely, make the most of the time we set aside for each task and work smart within that time. In order to have success with online marketing you need to have great content. Creating content takes time, planning and commitment. When you think of all that is required: posting to Facebook, tweeting, video creation, images, blog posts, email newsletter etc;. it can be overwhelming. But if you simplify the process it can be make your content tasks much easier to manage. Here are a few tips:

1) Short and Sweet: Your blog posts, newsletters, status updates, don’t have to be lengthy to be great. Yes, even with your blog posts. EVERYONE is pressed for time. Or at least that’s what they say :) So make your blog posts super readable by using lists, bullet points with powerful information (much like this one) :)

2) Do what you do best. If you are great with video but not so great with writing, stick with the videos. You can always hire a writer to put together articles for you based on information you provide. Outsource!

3) Share other great content. You don’t always have to share your blog posts. Share other blog posts with your audience. There is plenty of awesome content to circulate. Organize files of great content you come across to share with your audience in the future with a tool like Evernote.

4) Reuse. Create tips, status updates and tweets by taking excerpts from your blog posts and repurposing them on social sites. You don’t have to constantly create. You can recreate as well.

5) Be my guest. Ask for someone to guest post on your blog. It’s a great way to get fresh, new, useful content out to your audience and build relationships at the same time.

6) Review. Valuable information can come in the form of a review. You can review a product or service that you use that will be useful to your audience.

What other tips do you find work best for you? Please share in the comments below.

Just do it: Blogging that is

just-do-it-blogging-that-isIt’s a new year, and it’s time for a new you and the way you’ve been running your life, household and even business as well.

Which means you may have come up with all sorts of resolutions, goals, intentions or whatever else to help you succeed. In fact one of my goals this year was to plan out my day and weeks at least one week ahead. Well we are now in week 3 and I totally didn’t plan this week out (and I’m feeling quite overwhelmed from not planning).

Blogging Tips for the Fearful

Well blogging could be one of your goals for your business in 2013. But have you started as yet? There may be a couple of things that could be holding you back from blogging. I will share a couple and provide you with some blogging tips for each one. One reason is not having a website. Well yeah if you have no website then you have no where to blog. The cheapest route to go is to log on to blogger, or and begin that way. But I must tell you, if you plan on making money please please, spend the money to purchase your domain name, and hosting and begin right. This can cost you less that $70 for the year. For hosting visit momwebs (amazing). They have great hosting for as low as $55 for the year. That’s where I’m hosted and I started with that package. You can purchase your domain name from them as well.

Another reason for not beginning to blog is fear. Fear of not knowing what to say, will anyone read it, will people comment, or suppose I spell something wrong. Well if you don’t blog then you don’t have to worry about any of those things. You also don’t have to worry about potentially making money, or being featured in a major magazine. Yup, no worries!! And if you do blog no one reads your post, then that means you are not marketing it or you need to change your topic. If no one comments that doesn’t mean they didn’t read it, it means they didn’t comment or you didn’t invite them to comment. If you spell something wrong, well so what. Big deal. I spell words wrong in my blog posts all the time. But you will never know what to fix so you can grow if you don’t just start.

I remember when I first started to blog for my business I was so nervous. I really didn’t like to write and spelling and grammar, although not a weakness, was not my strong point. I would prefer to speak rather than to write (if that is you, then do an audio blog, AKA podcast). So I was extremely intimidated about starting. I didn’t want someone to not hire me because I didn’t spell a simple word write. But the bottom line was no one was hiring me anyway cause I wasn’t promoting myself. I decided that it was time to just step out there and start writing, and I did. What happened was amazing. Not one client has ever approached me to say hey you spelled this word wrong and so I’m not going to work with you. In fact I have had people work with me and offer to edit some of my blog posts for me. But what I was also able to gain from just starting regardless of my own insecurities was being able to see who are the one’s interesting in what I have to say, where they come from, and what they want me to write about. Those are key in marketing your business.

Action Step:

If you have not already, go ahead and purchase your domain name and hosting. Install wordpress and start blogging. Regardless of theme, design or anything else. Sometimes the plain simple sites are the most fun to read.

If you already have your website up and running then start blogging. Push through those insecurities. Create a blogging schedule, and brainstorm some content, and get going.

By Felicia Pratt
Felicia Pratt, publisher for The Working Housewife, a free online newsletter helping working moms grow their business online through blogging. She also contributed to the recently released book The “Glamourless Side of Entrepreneurship: What They Didn’t Tell You About Being a Woman in Business”. Felicia lives her life to its guilt-free fullest and aims to inspire other working moms to do the same. Get your free tip you can implement today to help relieve your stress as a working mom by visiting