Social Media Marketing Made Easier With Bookmarklets

As small business owners we are always looking for ways to work more smarter not harder. Ways that will save us time and make our tasks simpler and easier to manage. One way that I am able to accomplish that is through bookmarklets.

Bookmarklets, or browser addition tools, are ways that you can improve the way that you work online. They are designed to reduce the number of steps that it takes to help you to integrate your applications through your browser: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer. These additions essentially help you to be more productive. Personally, I prefer to use Google Chrome as my browser. One of the main reasons is for the extensions that Google Chrome offers. The ones that I find most userful are: Hootlet, Buffer, and Evernote.


These extensions make it easy for me to do two very important tasks with social media management: schedule posts and organize articles, blog posts, and notes.

My business partner Tiffany Lymon has put together a wonderful presentation for our Friday Fuelsegment on Bookmarklets. Tiffany will help you understand browser addition terms, how to install them and where to find them. Enjoy!


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