Portable Toddler Bed For Travel

When traveling with your kids, you have to remember many things. Forgetting something may not be a catastrophe since there are shops in most places these days. The quality can be compromised and your kids may not settle so well. Before heading off on your travels, you need to list all the requirements you will need. One of the things you need to get right from the beginning is to make sure your kid sleeps comfortably at night. This can be achieved by having a portable toddler bed for travel and easy to transport.portable-toddler-bed-travel

Portable beds can be used for various occasions such as camping, sleepovers at friend’s house, etc. and they comfortable, compact and have easy options to allow your kid have a well-rested night’s sleep. There are different types of portable toddler beds such as travel cots for kids, a kid’s air mattress and folding beds for kids. It is important to choose the best portable bed for your kid although the preferences differ among parents. First assess how your toddler will react to sleeping on a portable bed and then make up your choice. One of the best portable beds out there in terms of longer life use and flexibility is kid’s inflatable mattress.

Air mattresses for kids are the most compact form of travel bed because they deflate to a tiny size, can be rolled and folded up into an air cabin hand luggage and then you can inflate once you arrive at your destination. The majority of portable toddler beds for travel are inflated fast hence you don’t need to stand for long hours pumping air into it.

Owning an inflatable mattress type of bed is a good investment because they last for a long period in terms of how your child is. Many of the fold out beds don’t have much use once your child is past toddler age. Travel cribs or cots are also only useful for a short life span.

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In case you don’t want to carry an inflatable bed, there are other options and alternatives to choose from when traveling with a toddler.

Kids’ sleeping bags-They are lightweight and is a great addition to any inflatable mattress that does not come with their own bedding. The sleeping bags comes with their own carry bag and only weighs 1.2 pounds.

Nap pad- It is recommended to bring along a nap pad if you are traveling for a few nights with a toddler. It similar to a sleeping bag but has an extra padding underneath and can be used for sleeping on the floor. They are easy to roll up and put in your suitcase.  You can use an extra blanket or duvet to use underneath for extra pudding.

Inflatable bed rail- This is a nifty invention for preschoolers and older toddlers to prevent them rolling out of bed. The ones by the Shrunks weigh 1.1 pounds.

Build a nest-Request for extra bedding from the hotel and build a little nest on the floor for your kid.

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