How To Create A Memorable Brand

how-to-create-a-memorable-brandOne of the great advantages of online marketing is reinforcing your brand. Your brand should be memorable. It should tell who you are. What emotions does your brand evoke? Are you someone people want to do business with? Make sure you are presenting a clear, strong, consistent story about your brand. Reinforce your brand with a few techniques.

Brand YOU: Insert your name. My Coach does it well on her Facebook page, Social Media Branding With Kim Garst. You can also use this with publishing: “Tara’s Top 10 Health Tips”.

BLOG AND BLOG SOME MORE: Publish your blog posts often, and contribute in online communities.

BUILD RELATIONSHIPS: Make sure you engage and build relationships with influencers and thought leaders. Comment on their blogs, sites, profiles, etc; Interview them, and share their content.

PROVIDE LOTS OF GREAT CONTENT: Guest blog, provide valuable information to other bloggers and publishers. This is a great way to widen your online presence while reinforcing your brand.

It’s smart to observe other brands and see what they are doing that works. What is it that you like about them? Which brands do you easily remember? Apply what you observe. I find that those brands have an attractive design, have amazing content and constantly evolve.

Stand out, be consistent and be remarkable.

The Beauty of Instagram

the-beauty-of-instagramWhat can I say? I’m pretty fascinated with Social Media. I absolutely love pictures. I’ve been taking pictures for years as a hobby. So it’s really no wonder that I have fallen hard for Instagram. About a month ago, Instagram surpassed 80 million users. It’s only 2 years old (almost). 50 million users have been added since April. It’s probably safe to say, that photos are King on the internet. Instagram is simply a mobile photo sharing social site that allows you to upload photos and edit them in really cool ways. Whereas for the most part my social media presence is for business purposes, engaging with other business owners and building brand awareness, Instagram for me is mostly about FUN.

I have connected with friends from Facebook and Twitter on Instagram as it allows you to connect with them on Instagram if they have an account, but I also have been able to discover a few new friends. One thing I like about it is seeing what people choose to share. It’s almost always entertaining: funny, inspirational and just plain interesting. There is a lot of brand presence on Instagram and the creativity is impressive.

Recently I discovered Statigram. Wow. It takes your Instagram experience to another level. Statigram is a website that allows you to manage your Instagram site in several ways:

It gives you a feed of the photos from the people you follow, You can comment, like and respond right from the site.
You can create products like wall art, and iPhone cases.
It provides statistics and analysis of your followers, and engagement.
You can promote your instagram account with a public URL from statigram, code to copy and paste for your blog for people to follow you, and RSS feed.

Those are great features, but MY favorite features from Statigram are the Snapshots! Check out some of mine below:

Bird’s Eye View Of My Instagram Account

Bird’s Eye View Of My Instagram Account

My Top 6 Preferred Users

My Top 6 Preferred Users

My Top 5 Instagram Photos

My Top 5 Instagram Photos