3 Useful Social Media Tips

useful-social-media-tipsClient meetings are great reminders of social media tips. The great thing about working with clients who are just learning about social media marketing is that they ask great questions and it’s always kind of like a refresher course for me to answer the questions. Sometimes the questions are routine, sometimes they are questions I haven’t come across in a while. Recently while working with a new client I was reminded of some of the things that people new to social media marketing aren’t aware of simply because it’s new for them and they’re just starting out. I thought I would share these social media tips with you as good reminders for some and as good information for others.

Don’t assume that because people aren’t commenting, they aren’t paying attention.

One of my new clients is someone I know offline but who does follow me online. What I found interesting was that in the course of our conversation my client asked me about something specific I mentioned in a social media blog post. That kinda threw me. This particular client has rarely commented on anything I post on social media. But when I thought about it, there are often times when I have online chats, or offline chats and someone may reference something I posted online. Or they may make a statement about me based on things that I post online. There are several lessons to be learned here. Tips within the tip if you will:

1. Don’t be discouraged when you don’t get a certain number of comments or likes right away. It doesn’t necessarily mean people aren’t paying attention to what you post. If they don’t comment but you’ve caught their interest and they contacted you and a business relationship begins, you have still accomplished the ultimate goal.

2. Be mindful of what you post online. People will make conclusions about you, your brand, what you and your brand represent and will make decisions based on that information.

3. People are paying attention more than you think!


I spoke with someone recently who thought it was just enough to post great relevant content and people should show up. Well, while that’s partially true, because you MUST have great content, you always have to let people know you’re there. Invite people to your page. Send personal messages. Announce your new page in an email. Put links to your site in your email addresses, business cards, etc;. By all means advertise your page! Just make sure that when they get there, they’ll like what they see and that means great content.

Do unto others…

Sometimes, people are so focused on their message, their content, their brand, they forget that they should also be seeking out people to follow, commenting on other’s posts, links, statuses, retweeting, etc;. If you want to make friends, you have to be a friend. Start conversations. Compliment someone online about their blog post, or graphic, etc;. Genuinely. This is how great relationships start :)

Social Media Marketing 9 Clues For Success

social-media-marketing-success-cluesSocial Media Marketing can be an overwhelming subject. There is much to learn and many aspects. The good news is, if you keep it simple, it doesn’t have to be so stressful. There are many misconceptions about social media marketing and what it is supposed to do and not supposed to do. So today I want to bring your attention to 9 points that are universal and very important to clue you in on how you should think of social media marketing and how you should approach it:

1. It’s no longer optional. You must be in the game. If you haven’t gotten started yet, get started. If you started but aren’t active. Get active! The benefits are well worth it.

2. YOU are what make your business unique. Be sure to be present and participate. It’s OK to outsource certain tasks. But make sure that you are participating in comments, responses, questions, answers, content selection. Make sure that every aspect of your marketing efforts are consistent with your brand message and image.

3. It’s not “one size fits all”. Because your business is unique, so is your marketing. What works best for one business doesn’t necessarily work best for another. Sometimes it’s trial and error. You have to see what your audience responds to best. Focus on what their needs are and how you can solve problems for them and go from there.

4.social-media-marketing-success-clues Success doesn’t happen overnight. Period. Just like anything else worthwhile, it takes time to see results. Be patient.

5. Being social is MANDATORY. Social media is not about broadcasting. It’s about having conversations. You are developing relationships. You must socialize.

6. You can do anything but not everything. Ever heard that saying? Choose your platforms wisely. Go where your audience is. If they are on Twitter, be there. If they’re on Pinterest, be there. But you don’t have to be EVERYWHERE. Build your community on one platform and then move on to the next. Don’t overwhelm yourself unnecessarily.

7. Things change daily. Sometimes hourly! You must study to keep up. Stay plugged in so that you are informed of changes to terms and policies, redesigns, new features that will have an impact on your marketing efforts.

8. Social Media is FUN. Don’t make it complicated. It’s simple, be social. Focus on building relationships, having those important conversations, building trust and ultimately loyalty. The people you develop relationships will be ambassadors for your brand.

9. You must take your networking efforts offline as well. Social Media is just one aspect, not the end all be all. Nothing beats face to face conversations and handshaking. Attend networking events, industry events, social events. Get out and meet people!

LinkedIn’s New Endorsement Feature

linkedin-endorsement-featureGood News! LinkedIn just rolled out a brand new feature that allows you the capability of endorsing your network’s skills in a very simple, no fuss easy way. You may have noticed it because you’ve already received an endorsement and were allowed the chance to do some endorsements of your own.

Anyone that endorses a skill on a LinkedIn page has their profile photo added next to the endorsement. Those who have endorsed you will appear at left of the skill’s title. It can also be viewed in a new window.

You’ll notice on your LinkedIn page that skills and expertise have taken up a significant amount of real estate, in effect pushing down your experiences to highlight them, as well as your endorsements. With this new feature, your LinkedIn connections can choose to endorse you simply by selecting the plus sign associated with that skill. They can as well recommend a skill that isn’t on your profile page.

You will be notified of endorsements on the site as well as via email. Unlike the recommendations feature, LinkedIn is not yet allowing you to ask your connections for endorsements. This feature is slowly being rolled out. It is just currently in a few countries: USA, Australia, India and New Zealand.

I like the simple easy way to be able to give credibility to your connections and receive them in return. What are your thoughts? Please share in the comments below!

3 Ways To Use Twitter For Small Business

3-ways-to-use-twitter-for-small-businessI enjoy Twitter for many reasons. I like that it’s public, meaning that I can connect with basically anyone without knowing them. I don’t need to send a request, we don’t have to have connections in common. I don’t even HAVE to necessarily follow people, I can list them and keep up with their tweets that way. I like it mostly because I find it the forum most easy to engage. I have made more business connections on this network than any other. It’s great for research and news. It’s real time. Simply put, it’s me, I just like it.

I believe there are many ways you can use Twitter for your small business but I’d like to talk to you about 3 specific ones.

1. Promote yourself! Twitter is the perfect forum for sharing your content. Your blog posts, your website, photos and videos. And because of it’s powerful sharing, you can reach a wide audience.

2. Talk to you customers! You can operate customer service right from Twitter. People often ask questions and it’s easy to respond on Twitter. It also allows people to see you exercising great customer service skills.

3. Promote Your Events! Make the promotion of your event viral and shareable by crafting it into a tweet and assigning a specific hashtag to your event. You can easily see what everyone is tweeting about your event. If you have never tried this, you must. It’s really amazing to experience it.

Once you begin using Twitter consistently you will begin to see the power of this social network and how it can be a huge benefit to your social media strategy. Make sure that you tweet with your goals in mind. What is it you’re trying to achieve. Begin with that and it will make your tweeting more effective.

How does your business use Twitter? Please share in the comments below.