3 Useful Social Media Tips

Client meetings are great reminders of social media tips. The great thing about working with clients who are just learning about social media marketing is that they ask great questions and it’s always kind of like a refresher course for me to answer the questions. Sometimes the questions are routine, sometimes they are questions I haven’t come across in a while. Recently while working with a new client I was reminded of some of the things that people new to … Continue reading

Social Media Marketing 9 Clues For Success

Social Media Marketing can be an overwhelming subject. There is much to learn and many aspects. The good news is, if you keep it simple, it doesn’t have to be so stressful. There are many misconceptions about social media marketing and what it is supposed to do and not supposed to do. So today I want to bring your attention to 9 points that are universal and very important to clue you in on how you should think of social … Continue reading

LinkedIn’s New Endorsement Feature

Good News! LinkedIn just rolled out a brand new feature that allows you the capability of endorsing your network’s skills in a very simple, no fuss easy way. You may have noticed it because you’ve already received an endorsement and were allowed the chance to do some endorsements of your own. Anyone that endorses a skill on a LinkedIn page has their profile photo added next to the endorsement. Those who have endorsed you will appear at left of the … Continue reading

3 Ways To Use Twitter For Small Business

I enjoy Twitter for many reasons. I like that it’s public, meaning that I can connect with basically anyone without knowing them. I don’t need to send a request, we don’t have to have connections in common. I don’t even HAVE to necessarily follow people, I can list them and keep up with their tweets that way. I like it mostly because I find it the forum most easy to engage. I have made more business connections on this network … Continue reading

New LinkedIn Feature Follows Thought Leaders

Yet another new feature from LinkedIn that I think is valuable. Just launched on Tuesday, you can now access the status updates including links and videos of thought leaders. You can like, comment and share them as well. This feature seems to be similar to the subscription feature you might find on Facebook or Google+. Some of the leaders include Tony Robbins and President Obama. They will continue to add more and more influencers over the next several months including … Continue reading

Twitter Etiquette Techniques For Small Business

One of the most important factors of Social Media is the likability factor. Besides providing consistent, valuable content, it’s important for people to like you. Show your personality. Be interesting. Remarkable. One of the keys to doing this is by being polite. Social Media manners are crucial. This goes across every platform. There are certain basic techniques you should be practicing on Twitter that show good etiquette, politeness and excellent social media manners are it relates to this unique platform. … Continue reading

The Beauty of Instagram

What can I say? I’m pretty fascinated with Social Media. I absolutely love pictures. I’ve been taking pictures for years as a hobby. So it’s really no wonder that I have fallen hard for Instagram. About a month ago, Instagram surpassed 80 million users. It’s only 2 years old (almost). 50 million users have been added since April. It’s probably safe to say, that photos are King on the internet. Instagram is simply a mobile photo sharing social site that … Continue reading