3 Starting Points to Twitter Marketing

3-starting-points-to-twitter-marketingThis past Friday in Our Business Fuel Facebook group we hosted a tweetchat to help our small business owners get better acquainted with “tweeting”. Tweetchats are always fun. It’s when the lightbulb starts to come on for many people who up until that point just didn’t “get it” when it came to Twitter. As a social media consultant and trainer, most of the questions I receive about social networks are about Twitter. It’s a unique platform, very different from Facebook, but also an important one. For this reason, business owners and professionals are eager to learn how to get started. So here are 3 posts that you can review one by one to help get your Twitter experience off to the right start!

1. Getting Started On Twitter

2. Uploading Your Twitter Cover Photo

3. How To Be An Effective Tweeter

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How To Set Achievable Social Media Goals in 2013

As business owners we like to set goals for the new year to help us achieve success. It’s important to be specific about those goals that you are trying to achieve for each aspect of your business. This includes your social media marketing. In this recent segment of Friday Fuel, we would like to show you how to set measurable goals and teach you how to measure those goals to help you achieve success.

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What are some of your social media goals?

Establishing Your Brand Identity

establishing-your-brand-identityThere are often times when entrepreneurs will ask me questions about branding. They want to make sure they are clear on what constitutes their brand, their brand identity, etc;. They want to make sure they’re doing it right. So let’s make sure we understand the terms.

Your brand is more than just your logo, your website design, the colors associated with your brand. Your “Brand” is also the personality that identifies a product, service or business and how it relates to it’s customers or clients or potential customers and clients.

There is also a “psychological” aspect of branding: thoughts, feelings, images, experiences, attitudes, and so on that are associated with a brand based on experiences. The brand experience is a brand’s actions (performance if you will) that is perceived by someone. The brand image is what is created in someone’s mind consisting of all the information and expectations that product or service provides.

When you are establishing your brand identity, you need to define and establish some things. You can do that by asking yourself some questions and establishing some very basic things with your business.

Vision Statement. You need to create a vision statement for your business. What are your most important products or services? What makes your product, service or business unique?

Mission Statement. What needs of your target audience are you addressing and how?

Personality. How would your brand be described? What emotions derive from the experience? Are you serious, light-hearted, fun?

Your Market. Determine your target market: demographics, etc;. Who exactly are your serving? Make a profile of your customer. What makes you unique from your competition that your market will want to buy from you? What is your niche?

Once you have established these things you can begin sharing your brand message. Social Media is a great opportunity to spread your brand message and further establish your identity, and expertise. With a strong identity and consistency you are on your way to building a strong online presence for your brand.brandingonline-300x225

Pinterest Updates You Need To Know

pinterest-updates-you-need-to-knowSeems like February and March was the time for social media platform announcements, changes, updates additions, subtractions, you name it. Lots of changes and shaking up. So much so, that the Pinterest changes almost snuck by me completely unnoticed. Don’t tell me you’re a social media expert. It’s darn near impossible. It rightfully belongs in the world of technology: ever-changing!

I’m apparently in the right business because I love the social media world and I really get excited with changes and announcements. Yeah, I need to get out more. This particular change with Pinterest had me very interested because I do very much like the site and the concept. I am BIG on images. I love photography anyway, I love seeing photos and I love the creativity that Pinterest inspires. Naturally, I was excited to see what they had in store. I always love when they change a site to make it simply better to look at, and that’s what I noticed right away. Here’s a few ways they did that:

1) LARGER IMAGES. When you click on a Pinterest image you will notice right away that it is much larger. It’s gone from 600 pixels wide to 735. Pretty noticeable difference.

2) CLEANER LOOK. Pinterest eliminated the white space between pins and boards, and cleaned up navigation options. I think this change gives it a much cleaner look. Thumbs up!pinterest-pins-300x225


3) NEW BUTTON. Keeping in line with a fresher look, they have updated the pinning option with a new red “pin it” button. The comment button is no longer an option until you open the pin and then you can comment below the image. Comments can no longer be left on the home page.

4) RELATED PINS: When you click and enlarge a pin, you will be shown a sidebar with “related pins”.

5) SIMPLIFIED SETTINGS:Here’s a feature I love. Pinterest has updated the settings area to make it easier to select your notifications. Lovely!

When I logged on to Pinterest after the changes were introduced I immediately opted to have the new updated version, (which everyone will have soon anyway). No regrets, I like the new look.

I also did something I’ve been putting off for a while. I converted my account to a business account as I mainly intend to use my account to build a community for my business. I also, with the help of my business partner, verified my website. If you are pinning for business, these are options you should strongly consider, particularly if you are trying to drive traffic to your website.

Please note, you will need to verify your website to get the new analytics feature.

With the new changes, there are some features that are gone or have been tweaked:

1) HASHTAGS – that was a surprise for me. Not sure why, but it is no longer a function on Pinterest.

2) TWEETING – you can no longer tweet a pin at the same time that you pin it.

3) BOARD LIKES – Gone. You no longer have the option of “liking” a board.

4) LINKS – There is no longer an option to leave a link in your comments or pin description.

5) EMBEDDING LINKS – You MUST use Pinterest embed link to link your pins. Otherwise, your image is broken.

6) PROFILE DESCRIPTION – Your profile description is now limited to 160 characters as opposed to 200.

The REALLY big news is the new web analytics feature as I mentioned above for business accounts. Now you can find out what’s working and not working. Huge help to those of us with a strategy for our pinning.

Have you activated the new Pinterest design? What are your thoughts? Please share below.