4 Easy Social SEO Tips

4-easy-social-seo-tipsSocial Media Marketing is all about connecting, engaging, building a community and sharing valuable information. Ultimately, we are trying to get our message across. We want to do that in the most effective way and with such a crowded online business world, we do our best to stand out. We also do our best to be seen. One way we do that is with SEO and Social SEO.

What is Social SEO? Well let’s break it down. SEO is Search Engine Optimization. The idea behind having an SEO strategy is taking steps to helps your website show up in search engine results when searching key words or phrases that are relevant to your content. Social SEO is simply the idea that there is a part social media links play in website search rankings. That means that your social profiles and pages will be key in helping with your SEO efforts.

Although SEO can seem quite complicated, and in some ways it is, there are some things you can do yourself to get on the right track. I am listing 4 ways that you can boost your Social SEO strategy with little effort:

1) OPTIMIZE your Profiles and Pages. In our Business Fuel Group, we share some “mini-training” from time to time on Fridays called “Friday Fuel.” The very first segment we shared when we launched our Facebook group community was about Making Your Social Media Profile ROCK! We were simply offering tips on how to optimize it. In a nutshell, be descriptive and take advantage of every opportunity to plug in those appropriate keywords and phrases in about sections and bios. By all means, DO create a BUSINESS Page on Facebook for example. For one thing, your business must have a page, not a profile based on Facebook’s terms. But also, Pages are indexed by Google, while Profiles are not.

2) Be Shareable. Make sure your content is as easily shareable as possible. Include social share buttons on your blog posts. This counts for your updates and tweets as well. That means you have to share valuable engaging content. So people WILL share it.

3) Post With Purpose. Be sure that when you’re sharing that valuable content, that you are including the keywords you have identified for your business. Be sure to also work in your business name. Share fresh content on Twitter. Always share your blog posts. “Cross-pollinate” your content by including images with your blog posts and pinning those images on Pinterest, for example.

4) Get to know Google+. Google Plus is google’s social site. That alone is a clue. Sharing your blog posts on Google+ is going to help you appear in Google search results better. The +1 feature allows people to recommend your posts and help further your reach and boost your SEO. See my article on Social Solutions Collective about how to grow on Google+ here.

Don’t neglect some very key things about your social presence like consistency, using your business name and customized URLS. Here is the video that my partner Tiffany Lymon and I made for our Business Fuel group that I mentioned above about maximizing your profile:

How To Set Achievable Social Media Goals in 2013

As business owners we like to set goals for the new year to help us achieve success. It’s important to be specific about those goals that you are trying to achieve for each aspect of your business. This includes your social media marketing. In this recent segment of Friday Fuel, we would like to show you how to set measurable goals and teach you how to measure those goals to help you achieve success.

Check out our video below.

We would love for you to be a part of our Facebook Community, Business Fuel. Join us for tips, news, and resources to help keep your business in motion!

What are some of your social media goals?

Travel Spotlight: Carnival Breeze Cruising

carnival-breeze-sunseekers-karismatravelsToday’s Travel Spotlight is with Travel Agent Collette Howard of Michigan. She and a group of family and friends took a cruise on the Carnival Breeze in December 2012 for her birthday. I sat down with Collette to get the scoop on this fantastic vacation and all the juicy details.

Tell me about your cruise. How long was it, what was the name of the cruise ship and what were your destinations?

Our cruise was 6 days, we visited the Eastern Caribbean, ports of call were Grand Turk of Turks and Caicos, Foulmouth, Jamaica which is the capital of Jamaica, and Nassau Bahamas

Tell me about your favorite dining experience on the ship.

Our dining experiences were extraordinary. The cruise had different cuisine from various cultures even a Sushi restaurant. There was even Indian cuisine and Mongolian Wok station.

Describe your favorite experience on your cruise.

I think one of my favorite experiences on the cruise was our nightly visit to a R&B jazz band were we made a lot of new friends and being treated to a free cocktail party hosted by the Ship’s Captain and Cruise Director because we have achieved the Gold Level as a VIFP (Very Important Fun Person)

What activities did you participate in on the ship?
Some played basketball, and used the water works park, I enjoyed my full body massage and escaping to the Serenity Deck for adult only relaxation area.

What was the highlight of your land experience?
Since we are travel professionals, we were given a complimentary day pass to the Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort in Nassau Bahamas. We toured the Sandals resort and were privileged to the All inclusive activities extended to paying guests

What else should we know about this cruise experience?
Our cruise was the best hassle free experience in my 8th cruise sailings thus far. The food, entertainment and enjoyment of friends and family who cruised with us made it the perfect cruise experience.

What travel tips can you offer to make traveling easier?
For Travelers to make sure to review the baggage weight allowance as each airline varies. The standard baggage weight allowance is 50 pounds, however we traveled on Spirit whose baggage weight allowance was only 40 pounds. Some of the travelers in our group were charged $ 25-75 dollars because their luggage was overweight at the start of the cruise.collettescruise-300x225

Please provide your website link and a brief description of your business and what services you offer:
My business is a home based travel business that provides full service travel for our customers to ensure a hassle free vacation for our travel clients. We are also members of the Sun Seekers Travel Club who are a group of people who Enjoy Live, Travel & Fun in the Sun.

Just do it: Blogging that is

just-do-it-blogging-that-isIt’s a new year, and it’s time for a new you and the way you’ve been running your life, household and even business as well.

Which means you may have come up with all sorts of resolutions, goals, intentions or whatever else to help you succeed. In fact one of my goals this year was to plan out my day and weeks at least one week ahead. Well we are now in week 3 and I totally didn’t plan this week out (and I’m feeling quite overwhelmed from not planning).

Blogging Tips for the Fearful

Well blogging could be one of your goals for your business in 2013. But have you started as yet? There may be a couple of things that could be holding you back from blogging. I will share a couple and provide you with some blogging tips for each one. One reason is not having a website. Well yeah if you have no website then you have no where to blog. The cheapest route to go is to log on to blogger, or wordpress.com and begin that way. But I must tell you, if you plan on making money please please, spend the money to purchase your domain name, and hosting and begin right. This can cost you less that $70 for the year. For hosting visit momwebs (amazing). They have great hosting for as low as $55 for the year. That’s where I’m hosted and I started with that package. You can purchase your domain name from them as well.

Another reason for not beginning to blog is fear. Fear of not knowing what to say, will anyone read it, will people comment, or suppose I spell something wrong. Well if you don’t blog then you don’t have to worry about any of those things. You also don’t have to worry about potentially making money, or being featured in a major magazine. Yup, no worries!! And if you do blog no one reads your post, then that means you are not marketing it or you need to change your topic. If no one comments that doesn’t mean they didn’t read it, it means they didn’t comment or you didn’t invite them to comment. If you spell something wrong, well so what. Big deal. I spell words wrong in my blog posts all the time. But you will never know what to fix so you can grow if you don’t just start.

I remember when I first started to blog for my business I was so nervous. I really didn’t like to write and spelling and grammar, although not a weakness, was not my strong point. I would prefer to speak rather than to write (if that is you, then do an audio blog, AKA podcast). So I was extremely intimidated about starting. I didn’t want someone to not hire me because I didn’t spell a simple word write. But the bottom line was no one was hiring me anyway cause I wasn’t promoting myself. I decided that it was time to just step out there and start writing, and I did. What happened was amazing. Not one client has ever approached me to say hey you spelled this word wrong and so I’m not going to work with you. In fact I have had people work with me and offer to edit some of my blog posts for me. But what I was also able to gain from just starting regardless of my own insecurities was being able to see who are the one’s interesting in what I have to say, where they come from, and what they want me to write about. Those are key in marketing your business.

Action Step:

If you have not already, go ahead and purchase your domain name and hosting. Install wordpress and start blogging. Regardless of theme, design or anything else. Sometimes the plain simple sites are the most fun to read.

If you already have your website up and running then start blogging. Push through those insecurities. Create a blogging schedule, and brainstorm some content, and get going.

By Felicia Pratt
Felicia Pratt, publisher for The Working Housewife, a free online newsletter helping working moms grow their business online through blogging. She also contributed to the recently released book The “Glamourless Side of Entrepreneurship: What They Didn’t Tell You About Being a Woman in Business”. Felicia lives her life to its guilt-free fullest and aims to inspire other working moms to do the same. Get your free tip you can implement today to help relieve your stress as a working mom by visiting www.theworkinghousewife.com.