4 Easy Social SEO Tips

4-easy-social-seo-tipsSocial Media Marketing is all about connecting, engaging, building a community and sharing valuable information. Ultimately, we are trying to get our message across. We want to do that in the most effective way and with such a crowded online business world, we do our best to stand out. We also do our best to be seen. One way we do that is with SEO and Social SEO.

What is Social SEO? Well let’s break it down. SEO is Search Engine Optimization. The idea behind having an SEO strategy is taking steps to helps your website show up in search engine results when searching key words or phrases that are relevant to your content. Social SEO is simply the idea that there is a part social media links play in website search rankings. That means that your social profiles and pages will be key in helping with your SEO efforts.

Although SEO can seem quite complicated, and in some ways it is, there are some things you can do yourself to get on the right track. I am listing 4 ways that you can boost your Social SEO strategy with little effort:

1) OPTIMIZE your Profiles and Pages. In our Business Fuel Group, we share some “mini-training” from time to time on Fridays called “Friday Fuel.” The very first segment we shared when we launched our Facebook group community was about Making Your Social Media Profile ROCK! We were simply offering tips on how to optimize it. In a nutshell, be descriptive and take advantage of every opportunity to plug in those appropriate keywords and phrases in about sections and bios. By all means, DO create a BUSINESS Page on Facebook for example. For one thing, your business must have a page, not a profile based on Facebook’s terms. But also, Pages are indexed by Google, while Profiles are not.

2) Be Shareable. Make sure your content is as easily shareable as possible. Include social share buttons on your blog posts. This counts for your updates and tweets as well. That means you have to share valuable engaging content. So people WILL share it.

3) Post With Purpose. Be sure that when you’re sharing that valuable content, that you are including the keywords you have identified for your business. Be sure to also work in your business name. Share fresh content on Twitter. Always share your blog posts. “Cross-pollinate” your content by including images with your blog posts and pinning those images on Pinterest, for example.

4) Get to know Google+. Google Plus is google’s social site. That alone is a clue. Sharing your blog posts on Google+ is going to help you appear in Google search results better. The +1 feature allows people to recommend your posts and help further your reach and boost your SEO. See my article on Social Solutions Collective about how to grow on Google+ here.

Don’t neglect some very key things about your social presence like consistency, using your business name and customized URLS. Here is the video that my partner Tiffany Lymon and I made for our Business Fuel group that I mentioned above about maximizing your profile:

Time Saving Content Creation Tips

time-saving-content-creation-tipsAs business owners, our time is very valuable. It is important that we manage our time wisely, make the most of the time we set aside for each task and work smart within that time. In order to have success with online marketing you need to have great content. Creating content takes time, planning and commitment. When you think of all that is required: posting to Facebook, tweeting, video creation, images, blog posts, email newsletter etc;. it can be overwhelming. But if you simplify the process it can be make your content tasks much easier to manage. Here are a few tips:

1) Short and Sweet: Your blog posts, newsletters, status updates, don’t have to be lengthy to be great. Yes, even with your blog posts. EVERYONE is pressed for time. Or at least that’s what they say :) So make your blog posts super readable by using lists, bullet points with powerful information (much like this one) :)

2) Do what you do best. If you are great with video but not so great with writing, stick with the videos. You can always hire a writer to put together articles for you based on information you provide. Outsource!

3) Share other great content. You don’t always have to share your blog posts. Share other blog posts with your audience. There is plenty of awesome content to circulate. Organize files of great content you come across to share with your audience in the future with a tool like Evernote.

4) Reuse. Create tips, status updates and tweets by taking excerpts from your blog posts and repurposing them on social sites. You don’t have to constantly create. You can recreate as well.

5) Be my guest. Ask for someone to guest post on your blog. It’s a great way to get fresh, new, useful content out to your audience and build relationships at the same time.

6) Review. Valuable information can come in the form of a review. You can review a product or service that you use that will be useful to your audience.

What other tips do you find work best for you? Please share in the comments below.

Keys To Facebook Marketing Strategy Success

keys-to-facebook-marketing-strategy-successPerhaps the #1 question that my audience asks me is how to get more Facebook likes, comments, and overall engagement. We all wish it was as easy as setting up a page to get people to notice us on Facebook, but like everything else worthwhile, it takes time and effort. Recently I wrote an article about easy ways to get more Facebook likes. This was mainly focused on being sure that your page is easily accessible. Today I want to focus on your marketing strategy. Continue reading

4 Simple Ways To Get More Facebook Comments

Building an online community requires building relationships. Building relationships requires engagement. How do you get your fans to engage? How do you get them talking. You need comments. What are some simple ways to get comments? Here are a few………


Try asking a simple yes or no question. Your audience can give you quick feedback and it can spark a conversation.

Example: “Yes or No… Are you on Instagram?”


My favorite vacation destination is___________________.

This is great way to get your followers to engage quickly and easily. This works particularly well when you’re asking them something about themselves. Show some interest in your followers.


You can survey your audience and get valuable information in a simple easy way that’s very convenient for followers to participate. Set up in a multiple choice type format it gives them a few choices and there’s no wrong answer! :) It also allows your followers to see what other people’s answers are.

4) ASK

Example: Can you see yourself here? Evoke some emotion, fun and excitement. Share an interesting photo and ask a question about it.


Sandals Negril

What are ways that you use to get your followers talking? Share in the comments below.