Social Media Marketing 9 Clues For Success

social-media-marketing-success-cluesSocial Media Marketing can be an overwhelming subject. There is much to learn and many aspects. The good news is, if you keep it simple, it doesn’t have to be so stressful. There are many misconceptions about social media marketing and what it is supposed to do and not supposed to do. So today I want to bring your attention to 9 points that are universal and very important to clue you in on how you should think of social media marketing and how you should approach it:

1. It’s no longer optional. You must be in the game. If you haven’t gotten started yet, get started. If you started but aren’t active. Get active! The benefits are well worth it.

2. YOU are what make your business unique. Be sure to be present and participate. It’s OK to outsource certain tasks. But make sure that you are participating in comments, responses, questions, answers, content selection. Make sure that every aspect of your marketing efforts are consistent with your brand message and image.

3. It’s not “one size fits all”. Because your business is unique, so is your marketing. What works best for one business doesn’t necessarily work best for another. Sometimes it’s trial and error. You have to see what your audience responds to best. Focus on what their needs are and how you can solve problems for them and go from there. Success doesn’t happen overnight. Period. Just like anything else worthwhile, it takes time to see results. Be patient.

5. Being social is MANDATORY. Social media is not about broadcasting. It’s about having conversations. You are developing relationships. You must socialize.

6. You can do anything but not everything. Ever heard that saying? Choose your platforms wisely. Go where your audience is. If they are on Twitter, be there. If they’re on Pinterest, be there. But you don’t have to be EVERYWHERE. Build your community on one platform and then move on to the next. Don’t overwhelm yourself unnecessarily.

7. Things change daily. Sometimes hourly! You must study to keep up. Stay plugged in so that you are informed of changes to terms and policies, redesigns, new features that will have an impact on your marketing efforts.

8. Social Media is FUN. Don’t make it complicated. It’s simple, be social. Focus on building relationships, having those important conversations, building trust and ultimately loyalty. The people you develop relationships will be ambassadors for your brand.

9. You must take your networking efforts offline as well. Social Media is just one aspect, not the end all be all. Nothing beats face to face conversations and handshaking. Attend networking events, industry events, social events. Get out and meet people!

Establishing Your Brand Identity

establishing-your-brand-identityThere are often times when entrepreneurs will ask me questions about branding. They want to make sure they are clear on what constitutes their brand, their brand identity, etc;. They want to make sure they’re doing it right. So let’s make sure we understand the terms.

Your brand is more than just your logo, your website design, the colors associated with your brand. Your “Brand” is also the personality that identifies a product, service or business and how it relates to it’s customers or clients or potential customers and clients.

There is also a “psychological” aspect of branding: thoughts, feelings, images, experiences, attitudes, and so on that are associated with a brand based on experiences. The brand experience is a brand’s actions (performance if you will) that is perceived by someone. The brand image is what is created in someone’s mind consisting of all the information and expectations that product or service provides.

When you are establishing your brand identity, you need to define and establish some things. You can do that by asking yourself some questions and establishing some very basic things with your business.

Vision Statement. You need to create a vision statement for your business. What are your most important products or services? What makes your product, service or business unique?

Mission Statement. What needs of your target audience are you addressing and how?

Personality. How would your brand be described? What emotions derive from the experience? Are you serious, light-hearted, fun?

Your Market. Determine your target market: demographics, etc;. Who exactly are your serving? Make a profile of your customer. What makes you unique from your competition that your market will want to buy from you? What is your niche?

Once you have established these things you can begin sharing your brand message. Social Media is a great opportunity to spread your brand message and further establish your identity, and expertise. With a strong identity and consistency you are on your way to building a strong online presence for your brand.brandingonline-300x225

Keys To Facebook Marketing Strategy Success

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Social Media Marketing Benefits

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