Portable Toddler Bed For Travel

When traveling with your kids, you have to remember many things. Forgetting something may not be a catastrophe since there are shops in most places these days. The quality can be compromised and your kids may not settle so well. Before heading off on your travels, you need to list all the requirements you will need. One of the things you need to get right from the beginning is to make sure your kid sleeps comfortably at night. This can be achieved by having a portable toddler bed for travel and easy to transport.portable-toddler-bed-travel

Portable beds can be used for various occasions such as camping, sleepovers at friend’s house, etc. and they comfortable, compact and have easy options to allow your kid have a well-rested night’s sleep. There are different types of portable toddler beds such as travel cots for kids, a kid’s air mattress and folding beds for kids. It is important to choose the best portable bed for your kid although the preferences differ among parents. First assess how your toddler will react to sleeping on a portable bed and then make up your choice. One of the best portable beds out there in terms of longer life use and flexibility is kid’s inflatable mattress.

Air mattresses for kids are the most compact form of travel bed because they deflate to a tiny size, can be rolled and folded up into an air cabin hand luggage and then you can inflate once you arrive at your destination. The majority of portable toddler beds for travel are inflated fast hence you don’t need to stand for long hours pumping air into it.

Owning an inflatable mattress type of bed is a good investment because they last for a long period in terms of how your child is. Many of the fold out beds don’t have much use once your child is past toddler age. Travel cribs or cots are also only useful for a short life span.

See more portable toddler bed: https://babibed.com/

In case you don’t want to carry an inflatable bed, there are other options and alternatives to choose from when traveling with a toddler.

Kids’ sleeping bags-They are lightweight and is a great addition to any inflatable mattress that does not come with their own bedding. The sleeping bags comes with their own carry bag and only weighs 1.2 pounds.

Nap pad- It is recommended to bring along a nap pad if you are traveling for a few nights with a toddler. It similar to a sleeping bag but has an extra padding underneath and can be used for sleeping on the floor. They are easy to roll up and put in your suitcase.  You can use an extra blanket or duvet to use underneath for extra pudding.

Inflatable bed rail- This is a nifty invention for preschoolers and older toddlers to prevent them rolling out of bed. The ones by the Shrunks weigh 1.1 pounds.

Build a nest-Request for extra bedding from the hotel and build a little nest on the floor for your kid.

Social Media Day With Social Solutions Collective

social-media-day-with-social-solutions-collectiveIf you are looking to learn some new things about social media marketing, participate in some fun social media activities that will give you an opportunity to experience various social media platforms and even make some new connections, then I invite you to join the Social Solutions Collective on the 4th annual Social Media Day, Sunday June 30, 2013.

Our theme for Social Media Day is “Common Sense & Social Business”. All month we have been sharing some “common sense” blog posts and social media posts from various members of the collective to go along with our theme for the big day.

Here are a few of the events we have planned:

Tweetchats: We’ve set up 9 different breakout discussions which we’ll be running as Tweetchats. Topics included:
– Common Sense SEO
– Leadership Best Practices For Social Business
– Common Sense & Best Practices for Multi-Author Sites
…and more!!

Google+ Hangout: Myself along with fellow SSC member Carrie Keenan and special guests including a special guest from Google are hosting a hangout at 4 PM (EST) where we will focus on Common Sense: Stop Ignoring Google+ Marketing. I hope you can hangout with us!

SuperConnected Sunday: We’re letting you share your social media pages – with NO limits. You will be able to share all of your pages, all of your clients pages and more. Our superconnected events will be on Facebook and Google+ as well!

Pinterest Participation Contests: We will be running two different Pinterest contests, which will require your participation. Stay tuned for more details!

Multi-Prize Facebook Fiesta: We will be running a day-long Facebook contest with a variety of prizes, big and small, for a variety of winners. What are some of the prizes? Well: gift-cards, social media books, FUN jewelry and a few amazing service packages.

Online Scavenger Hunt: YES… we will be sending you across the Internet for clues, leads, leading up to some special items.

The hashtag for the event as well as for the tweetchat session is #SMDwithSSC.

Please join us for this fun event!

Travel Spotlight: Carnival Glory Cruising

I sat down with Cruise Specialist and Travel Agent, Carolyn Parrish to discuss her December Cruise experience and all the best highlights:

Tell me about your cruise. How long was it, what was thIMAG0805-179x300e name of the cruise ship and what were your destinations?

Carnival Glory Dec 16-23
Miami to Nassau, St. Thomas, San Juan, and Grand Turk

Tell me about your favorite dining experience on the ship.

This was the first time that we ever ordered room service! We did it 3 mornings!

Describe your favorite experience on your cruise.

There were 18 of us. Being with family was the best part. Having the time to spend with them. Continue reading

Sleeping Needs for Your Toddler While Travelling

It is enjoyable to travel as a family at whatever age our children are at, we don’t have to wait till they are all grown so we can have a road trip or fly for holiday or delay that family get together.  We do life together with them as young as they areno matter what.  Though enjoyable, it doesn’t come with its pros andcons travelling as it involves a lot of pre-planning and packing to ensure you don’t leave anything behind.

The truth is no matter how hectic it is, we cannot keep them holed up in the house for all their baby life.  We only need to come round it and know how to keep them jolly and comfortable all through the travel.  One thing that is majorly important is their sleep, a well-rested child is happy and healthy and in turn everybody is happy.Sleeping Needs for Your Toddler While Travelling

Putting your toddler to sleep enroute

Whether you travel during the day or night, your toddler is likely to fall asleep, it seems like travelling soothes them to sleep.  You will need to bring a travel cot to ensure they sleep comfortably and un-interrupted.  Toddlers are different and they behave differently to change of environment, while some will easily be calm and fall asleep easy, others will be anxious and tend to cry a lot as they fall asleep.  It is important to prepare for anything especially if you are travelling for the very first time with them.  Bringing one of their favorite bed time toys or blanket or reading them a story would help calm them down.

Ensure you pack well in advance and using a checklist so you are sure you won’t forget anything.  Some toddlers are not good sleepers once their environment changes, they will have difficulty adapting and sleeping.  This can cause anxiety to both the parents and the child leading to lack of sleep to both.  You are advised to make sure you feed your toddler well with a balanced diet and keep them warm maybe you can hold them close to you if they are too anxious.

Choosing the right baby travel cot

It is very important to choose a travel cot that fits within your budget, comfortable to your child and is close to what they use at home for familiarity purposes.  If you purchase your travel cot a few days before you travel, have the child use it maybe during the day sleep to allow them have a feel of it and watch their response.  The market is presenting us with an overwhelming choice of travel cots to choose from and its best to know what exactly we are looking for before we hit the market.  They come in many types today ranging from inflatable cots, folding cots, popup travel cots, bassinette travel cot etc.  The choice is yours but remember you are choosing it for your little one, let them not see much difference from what they are used to at home.

Important things to consider:

  • Age related –Different models can only accommodate a certain age bracket. For example bassinette travel cotsare designed for newborns upto 4 months.  This is because they are small in size and cannot fit bigger babies.
  • Weight – with your luggage all packed up, the least you want is any added weight all in the name of a toddler travel bed. It is wise to buy light cots and if possible foldable to be able to easily pack them into your bags or car.  A popup travel cot is lightweight weighs around three kilos.  It comes in a foldable frame that is firm and padded with four mesh sides that allows free air circulation when the child is sleeping.  Inflatable mattress cots are even lighter and many have chosen them to be their children’s travel partners.  There are variable foldable lightweight options in the market to choose from, chose what pleases you and what fits your child’s needs.  Much as we consider the weight, think of the size too, consider a size that easily fits to allow easy movement.
  • Stability – this is very important when it comes to toddlers cots especially for the foldable cots, inflatable mattresses. They must be stable enough to hold your child’s weight and allow them to sleep comfortably without shaking.
  • Ease of assembling – It is one thing to buy a foldable and it’s another to be able to easily and quickly assemble it a ready cot. If it is complicated with lots of screwing work to assemble clearly you won’t be able to do it while you are travelling, worse still you might lose the screws while working and end up in a bigger mess.  Ensure you get one that is easily put together and dismantled at the same time to allow easy movement.
  • Mattress – A cot is made more comfortable by the mattress. If the cot doesn’t come with a mattress, shop for a mattress that fits perfectly on the cot and that provides a comfortable surface for the baby to enjoy sleeping on.
  • Cost – We can shop all we want but we must ensure it fits within our budget, that’s why it is important to shop early before we travel to allow us time to go through different brands at different prices before we can settle on that which is pocket friendly.

It is our task to find out more information about a particular brand before we can really invest in it.  Getting enlightened about the pros and cons about the product is key to finding good value for your money.  With the right toddler travel cot and a lot of love your child will be well rested and therefore minimal or no fuss will be experienced.  If the travel involves older children the whole family will enjoy traveling with the little one.

Invest in yourself physically and emotionally by taking a rest before you travel to allow time for your body and your mind to rest.  Inform your family members well in advance about the travel so you can allow then enough time to pack and rest before the travel too.  Older children need time ample time to pack and inspection of what they have packed.  Do this well in advance to allow changes or additions.